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Strictly Sail Chicago Sailboat Show 2010

I had the opportunity to work the Great Lakes Scuttlebutt booth at the Strictly Sail Boat show this past weekend and was actually quite amazed about how far people came from to see the show!  There were also quite alot of booths at the show with a wide array of products and services to offer the sailing public.  Thursday was quite busier than I figured it would be and I made many new friends and business relationships which I hope will be beneficial ones for both myself and the other parties involved.   

I found an industrial strength sewing machine from Sailbrite that will go through several layers of canvas, and eisenglass as well as zippers and anything else you can think of.  I'm hoping to make myself a new eisenglass enclosure as well as a set of screens and simple canvas so that when I get to the boat I can just fold it all up and put it away. 

I found out about an online school where I can get my Masters Captains license all without even leaving my house!  They had some show specials, but even their normal prices for the six pack as well as the masters class were less expensive than any other class I've seen yet!  Rather than going for the six pack, I'm going to just go straight for the Masters license which is only 3-400 more but I think well worth it.  Not having to limit myself as to how many people can go with me (within reason) will be really nice if I ever start doing charters with my boat.

Compared to the power boat show a few weeks earlier, I'll bet there were 4 times as many vendors.  Many which could have been used with powerboats as well as for Sailboat.  Not sure why they didn't go to the powerboat show. 

All in all it was a great show.  Thursday wasn't too bad, I didn't go Friday, Saturday was huge, and Sunday was no where near as good.  I heard and saw that there was a graduation going on from some local college.  That took up all the available parking and I'm sure turned many would be show goers away.  Too bad on both sides.

How did you like the show?

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